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Design Advocacy (Pvt) Ltd is a conscious effort to provide consultancy services where 


innovation and sustainable action is promoted and facilitated in development projects. 


Our team has been committed to look at things differently to provide effective urban 


development solutions, go green to protect the environment and maintain highest quality 




The company was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in October 2011 and since then 


has secured many consultancy projects. With its in-house capabilities and corporate 


arrangements, Design Advocacy has the strength to provide consortium consultancy services 


for complex integrated projects. The range of services that could be provided includes Design & 


Project Management services, Urban Design and Planning Consultancies, Project Formulation 


and Feasibility Studies, Landscape Designs, Value Engineering and Cost Consultancy 




The senior management of the Company has wide experience and expertise in procurement 


systems on public works funded by the government, donor funded projects and public- private 


partnership projects. Company also works in collaboration with number of foreign consultancy 


firms and provide local consultancy inputs on number of projects. 



The young and enthusiastic staff supervised by very senior and experienced professionals in 


Architecture, Planning, Engineering and Quantity Surveying have the capability to respond to 


tight timelines and produce solutions to meet the budgets maintaining required quality 



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